hope no porn appear on my dash, im in public 


something something hi


To jay, what I didn’t crash the party?


my tooth hurts a little..

well im leaving for school, see ya

kay im here


kay im done night


fine as soon as i finish saving some cute ass art i’ll hit the hay


i might sleep in 1 hour and wake up 2 hours b4 6

i think that 4 hours of sleep there


im still here though

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i feel like that night guard knowing my mom’s here

"If I met you in real life…" Finish it in my ask.

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shit mums here, well she says that we have to sleep here for now so yea be back in a few

omg!!! don’tr stress yourself!!! *dies the same thing with comic page*

im almost finished though just need to fix the arms and legs sweats and drools